Frank Klees

Press Release

For Immediate Release

May 28, 2012

Klees: Liberal Government Silenced Top Civil Servants on Ornge

(Queen’s Park) – The Liberal government knew about concerns expressed by senior bureaucrats at the Ministry of Health in the early days of the creation of what we now know as Ornge. Leaked documents obtained and released by MPP Frank Klees clearly show that the government was apprised of “serious concerns” by Ministry of Health legal counsel as early as September 2004.

Referencing a 2004 document titled “Air Ambulance Reform – MB20”, Ministry of Health legal counsel, Mel Springman states, “I continue to have serious concerns respecting the tone and substance of the MB20”. Springman writes, “Whatever one may think of the final recommendation in the MB20 on the air ambulance reform, the various incarnations of that document have consistently stood on rather flimsy, indeed sometimes misleading grounds.” The document further states that the absence of meaningful alternatives is an issue.

An MB20 is an internal document required by the Ontario Public Service when making changes to a ministry’s budget. The document includes a list of 14 concerns presented by the Legal Services Branch of the Ministry of Health to senior Liberal political staff regarding the creation of Ornge.

“This is further evidence that the government, the various ministers and indeed senior political staff knew about what was going on,” said Klees. “Why has the Minister of the day refused to acknowledge the depth of the scandal and the inherent corruption that runs deep in this government?”

“The Ornge Air Ambulance Scandal is symptomatic of the kind of negligence and indifference the Liberal government has had since day one of their tenure,” said Klees. “This document details the arrogance and sense of entitlement the Liberals brought with them to government. They ignored serious concerns raised by professionals in the Ministry of Health.”

“This scandal and Dr. Mazza himself are the creations of this government,” added Klees. “This document supports our call for a Select Committee to fix this issue once and for all.”



Frank Klees, MPP