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PETITION to Immediately appoint a special all-party Select Committee to
investigate the scandals surrounding Ornge open doc here

Ontario PC Caucus Tables Opposition Day Motion
Calling on Government to Establish a Select Committee to Investigate ORNGE

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                          Wednesday, March 07, 2012

QUEENS PARK – Today, the Ontario PC Caucus tabled an Opposition Day Motion in the Legislature calling upon the Government to establish a select committee to investigate the ongoing scandal at Ontario’s Air Ambulance Service, ORNGE.

Frank Klees, MPP (Newmarket-Aurora), has been calling on the Minister daily demanding that the McGuinty Liberals table a Government motion to strike such a committee; however, the government has refused to do so. 

Last week, the PCs and NDP held a joint Press Conference calling on the government to establish a select committee to investigate the scandal at ORNGE, but the government failed to act.  So again this morning in the legislature, Klees advised Health Minister Deb Matthews that if the government was not prepared to show leadership on this issue, that the opposition would by tabling their own motion.  To that end, today Klees filed a motion on behalf of the Ontario PC Caucus that will compel a debate on the matter and bring it to a vote on Tuesday March, 20th, 2012.  Once that vote is held, the legislature will have expressed “its will” on establishing a select committee to investigate ORNGE.

“Health Minister Deb Matthews assured the legislature numerous times that she would respect the ‘will of the house’ with the respect to establishing a Select Committee on ORNGE.  Now we will see whether she will remain true to her word and ensure that the Government acts on the expressed will of the Legislature”, said Klees.


Mr. Klees, THAT it is the will of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario that the McGuinty Government call and appoint an all-Party Select Committee to investigate and report on issues relating to Ontario’s Air Ambulance system, (including ORNGE and its affiliates), addressing specifically, but not limited to issues of patient and employee safety; management; oversight; governance; and accountability mechanisms; and, that anyone called to testify or report before this select committee be afforded whistleblower protection.

                                                                     - Addressed to the Premier.