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April 26, 2012

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QUEEN’S PARK – Following weeks of testimony at the Public Accounts Committee into the scandal-tainted agency, Ornge, only a Select Committee will empower all MPPs to get to the bottom of the mess, MPP Frank Klees said today.

Ontario PC House Leader Jim Wilson agreed as he stood alongside his NDP counterpart, House Leader Gilles Bisson. In March, both opposition parties passed a motion to form an All-Party Select Committee to investigate Ornge. Only the Liberals voted against it and now are refusing to form the Committee.

“It’s now been over a month and the Liberals continue to disregard the democratic will of the Legislature,” Klees said. “Government House Leader John Milloy has the power to form the Select Committee. Deb Mathews herself committed publicly on a number of occasions that she would support the forming of a Select Committee. The House Leader should now stand up for the millions of Ontarians who depend on quality, well managed and properly funded healthcare delivery,” Klees added.

PC MPP Frank Klees introduced the successful motion. Unlike the Public Accounts Committee, a Select Committee would empower Members to:

  • Guarantee whistleblower protections so more individuals feel safe to come forward and testify;
  • Provide adequate time to thoroughly question witnesses, hear testimony and gather mounting evidence; and
  • Cast a wider net to investigate, with a mandate beyond the Public Accounts Committee.

Today during Question Period, Klees called the bluff of the Liberal House Leader saying if the Liberals think the Public Accounts Committee is the correct forum for investigating Ornge, then let them agree to alter the terms of reference of the Committee per the opposition’s demands.

Klees concluded "How can anyone trust this government, when a senior cabinet minister gives their word in the Legislature to respect the will of the Legislature, and once the Legislature expresses it, that Minister ignores it?"

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