Frank Klees

Press Release


June 6, 2012



QUEEN’S PARK: The Liberal government attacked a key witness this morning during Legislative hearings into the ongoing Ornge air ambulance scandal, Ontario PC Transportation Critic Frank Klees reported today.

Trevor Kidd, a former frontline flight paramedic who resigned from Ornge in protest of the scandal-plagued agency’s disregard for patient safety, appeared before the Public Accounts Committee to shed light on the corruption and compromised patient safety he witnessed while working for the organization.

Klees said that Liberal MPPs, led by Toronto MPP David Zimmer, launched a vicious attack on Mr. Kidd’s integrity and reputation, accusing him of putting his career and colleagues ahead of the interests of Ontario.

“Mr. Kidd is a courageous and honourable man. He bravely appeared before the committee to assist the Legislature in getting to the bottom of a scandal that involves patient deaths and hundreds of millions of squandered health dollars,” Klees said. “Mr. Kidd should be applauded and I know that the PC and NDP Caucuses hold him in the highest regard for his service and commitment to Ontario,” Klees added.

Klees went on to say that “It’s absolutely unconscionable for a government MPP to attempt to silence and intimidate a witness. For Health Minister Deb Matthews to defend – and not condemn these actions – is unconscionable.”

Leaked Cabinet documents reveal that the Health Ministry has investigated 26 instances of patient deaths related to Ornge. The OPP is currently investigating a number of corrupt and questionable business practices that occurred at the organization.

“While Debt Matthews and Dalton McGuinty claim they want to get to the bottom of this scandal, their Liberal colleagues are going out of their way to silence witnesses. It’s clear they're intent on shutting down the information flow rather than encourage people to come forward,” Klees said.

“Intimidating a witness isunacceptable. At the very least, Mr. Zimmer should publicly apologize to the witness,” Klees concluded.


Frank Klees, MPP

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