Frank Klees

Press Release


April 11th, 2012


QUEEN’S PARK – In a blatant attempt to derail the ORNGE investigation, the McGuinty Liberals ignored calls by the Ontario PCs to hold Committee hearings during the Legislature’s break week, Ontario PC MPP Frank Klees said today.

Klees’ comments come as the Legislature’s Public Accounts Committee is investigating the scandal-plagued agency. Liberal MPPs are using all manner of delay tactics to prevent the Committee from getting on with the business of examining witnesses.

“With each passing week, the McGuinty Liberals are finding new ways to block opposition MPPs from getting to the bottom of the mess at ORNGE,” Klees said. “In fact, a Select Committee should be conducting hearings today, but instead the government ignored the expressed will of the Legislature to strike that Committee, and again last week ignored a Motion of the Public Accounts Committee to continue hearings during this break week,” Klees added.

“They obviously prefer to be as far away from Queen’s Park and accountability as possible.”

In March, Klees put forward a motion that called on the government to establish an All Party Select Committee to conduct the ORNGE investigation. The Terms of Reference for a Select Committee would have broadened the scope of the investigation, empowered MPPs to provide witnesses whistleblower protection and allowed for more thorough questioning of testimony.

“ORNGE employees, former employees and other key witnesses are reluctant to come forward. Even when people do testify, there isn’t enough time for Committee members to ask questions thoroughly and get meaningful answers,” said Klees.

Klees noted that the Ontario PCs believe the Liberals will continue stonewalling. Their antics suggest the government has something to hide.

“This is unacceptable and as elected public servants, we’ll use every means available to get this government to respect the will of the Legislature to strike a Select Committee.”

“We’re not done with Health Minister Deb Matthews, her Deputy, staff or anyone else linked to ORNGE. We have more questions and we’ve only just begun,” Klees concluded.


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